Assisting Children Traumatised by Police (ACT-P)

ACT-P was founded in recent months out of necessity. It is a community response to protect childrens rights from violations by Police and government under the guise of counter terrorism in Austria. The violations of children's rights, which in this case, has exclusively targeted a religious minority, appear to have been the result of a state-sponsored racist and Islamophobic campaign, which is irrefutably incompatible with human rights and democratic principles. The perpetrators of this violence against Muslim citizens enjoy complete immunity. They need to be held accountable. 

In the absence of state protection for our children, ACT aims to fill this deficit:
  • Protecting children’s rights - including the inalienable right of every child to be treated as innocent, despite alleged accusations against parents
  • Due process and therefore the right to a fair trial
  • End institutionalized Islamophobia

What we do?

  • Document violations of children's rights in connection with Operation Luxor in Austria 
  • Collect witness testimonies, particularly from those children (and parents) affected by the raids
  • Report on children’s rights violations and consequences that were/are observed in connection with Operation Luxor
  • ​Correspond and network with national and international child rights and human rights organisations
  • ​Make child rights violations and related anti-Muslim racist discourses and narratives visible
  • ​Public relations work to inform the general public about the events and effects of Operation Luxor and its follow-up to prevent future occurrence of similar draconian actions 
  • Empower civil society to protect Austria’s democratic process and credibility of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child
  • ​Counteract Operation Luxor by empowering affected persons and community  ​
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